You’re engaged! Right now your wheels are likely turning with wedding planning and chances are you’re starting to think about planning your engagement session – that’s where I come in! Planning your engagement session is just the beginning of your photography journey for your wedding, so why not make it count?! In this engagement session guide, you’ll find everything from how to pick out your outfit to where to have your session and more!

Olympic National Park | Kayla Adams Photography

Let’s start with seasons…

When you’re planning your engagement session, one thing you have to consider is the time of year you’re going to be doing your session. You’re going to want to think about the weather will be doing in the area you’re shooting + how the area around you may look. For example, if you’re planning an engagement session in November in Colorado, you may run into snow and super cold weather, but if you’re planning a session in Florida for the same time of year, you can run into sunny and 65 degrees. This is something that your photographer should be fully prepared to walk you through and will also be able advise you on a location suited for your desires in the area you’re shooting.

Outfit planning do’s and don’t’s…

Your outfit can make or break the vibe of your engagement session. Whether you’re wanting to stick in a certain color palette or throw in a fun print or pattern, there’s a right and wrong way to do so.

Do: If you’re wanting to add a pattern to your outfit, pick one of you to wear the pattern while the other wears something solid to compliment your print/pattern.

Don’t: Mix and match patterns that aren’t complimentary. Having too many patterns or prints can be very distracting for the photos and pull away from you as a couple.

Do: If you aren’t one to dress up then don’t! Being casual gives you the sense of being relaxed and comfortable as well as a lot of versatility in your posing and movement. (This is super easy to do in the fall and winter with a sweater and jeans!)

Do: Pull out all the stops and dress up! A lot of my couples will choose a fun or relaxed outfit AND a dressy outfit! It can elevate your engagement session and give you multiple looks with just one simple outfit change!

Don’t be afraid to throw in props and add your style! Hats, champagne, skateboards – you name it, we can use it!

Location Scouting Tips from a Pro

You’ve figured out what you want to wear, you know around what time of year you want to shoot, now you’re stumped on a location! Locations and outfits go hand in hand for the most part, and here’s some of my favorite vibes for couples!

Mountains: Need I say more!?

Lakes: This is a great warm-weather option and an awesome alternative if you aren’t close to a beach!

Urban/Downtown: This can be done in so many ways – from dressed up to edgy and casual! Downtown sessions are some of my favorite!

Putting everything together

Now that you’ve got a baseline, it’s time to put all of your new knowledge to use and plan your engagement session! Did you know that an engagement session is FREE when you book me as your wedding photographer? That’s right – you get to have a kick-ass session on me just for choosing to let me celebrate your special day with you! Want to learn more? Head over to my contact page and let’s do the dang thing!

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