If you love to travel like I do, then you know that finding the perfect place to stay is part of the experience. Growing up we didn’t stay in a lot of hotels, and that’s something that I’ve carried over into my adult life. When we came to Washington in September 2020 for our 9 day road trip (you can read all about that here) we chose to stay in a different hotel every night because of the hotel points Joe had saved up. It just ultimately made traveling easier for us then. This time though, I got to pick out where to stay and what to experience while in that area!

When I’m looking for an Airbnb, I literally research everything. From using the map on the link to figure out just where exactly the home is in proximity to where I’ll be traveling to the reviews and photos. I want to make sure that where I’m staying is nice and safe, especially when traveling without Joe or with Kayden. I’ll do a post later on how to pick the perfect Airbnb(s) for your trip, but for now, let me take you through my two Airbnb’s for this Washington Trip!

Olympic Peninsula | Quilcene, WA

This Private Beachfront Lagoon A-Frame was the perfect place to start our Washington trip. Located just two hours from the Seattle Airport, 1.5 hours from Port Angeles and 3 hours from Ruby Beach, it’s the perfect stop for your Olympic Peninsula trip. The A-Frame is perfect for 2-4 people, with a queen bed downstairs and two twin beds in the loft. The house is small and cozy, so pack light, but it’s everything you need for a getaway. It’s located down a winding gravel road and I highly recommend an SUV for the driveway (which as you can see, we drove in style this week – living up to the full PNW experience of Jeep driving along the coast!)

I truly loved being at this house – we had cell service (not the greatest sometimes but we had it) and wifi, so no need to fully disconnect from the world while you’re here unless you want to! The wood stove in the living room completed the cozy vibe and heated the house quickly, while the outdoor fire pits – one on the deck and one at the beach – created a camping-like experience. Every morning I would wake up and watch the sunrise from the couch overlooking the Hood Canal and listen to the wood ducks quack and play in the lagoon below and the birds chirp as the sun glistened over the Canal. It was our own little oasis.

Seattle/Cascade Mountains | Monroe, WA

I’ll be updating this photo when it’s not raining tomorrow with an outside photo!

When we decided last week to not stay the entire trip in the Peninsula and head East towards the Cascade Mountains, I knew that I needed to find somewhere in between the airport and the mountains. That’s when I landed on this Stylish Home located right near the heart of Monroe, Washington. A little under an hour from Downtown Seattle and 1.5 hours from Leavenworth – the cutest Bavarian town nestled in the Cascades and where we’ll be snowmobiling tomorrow – it was the perfect stop for us for the last two nights here.

When I booked this house, I knew it was going to be polar opposite of where we had just came from, but I had absolutely no idea how gorgeous it was going to be. From the outside, it doesn’t look big at all – just your typical older craftsman style home – but if you know anything about craftsman homes, they are much bigger than they seem. Upon entering, you’re greeted with a bedroom immediately inside the door followed by the most beautiful and spacious living room and kitchen. W

e thought we were speechless until we explored more. The front bedroom is complete with a queen size bed, a massive walk-through closet and the hidden gem of the house – the master bathroom with a clawfoot tub and ginormous shower. The back bedroom features a king size bed and a smaller, but still stylish, full bath. Last, there’s a whole laundry area with extra counter space and the cutest half bath I’ve ever seen – like I wish I could pull off a sink like that in my house!

The backyard has a super nice, large deck, semi-private fencing and raised flowerbeds that I’m sure are perfect in the spring!

Unfortunately Airbnb doesn’t offer referral links anymore with a savings connected to your first stay, and I have no affiliation with either link listed above.

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